Questions are the answer

Does everyone ask themselves questions? That is of course a question in itself and some people will feel this page is not for them, they don't question themselves so choosing the questions is irrelevant. I can respect that point of view but I do disagree with it. In practice everyone asks themselves questions, every time they have a doubt, every time they make a decision, every time they face a dilemma, and we all face them. But for some people it doesn't feel as if they are asking a question and I would invite those of that persuasion to look behind their thinking process to see if there are questions underlying their decisions, their choices and, more importantly, to establish if those questions are the best ones that they can ask.

If our lives are underpinned by inadequate questions then our dissatisfaction with life is likely to be greater. Someone who operates on the underlying question of 'How can I avoid this feeling?' is less likely to move on that someone who asks 'What is this feeling and how can I best deal with it?' The first person may spend a lifetime not looking at something that affects their everyday life negatively, the second person may give it a name, decide on a strategy and be able, at least in part, to move on.

Most people who have come to this website will be in the second category so for you I have listed below some of the great questions that can help you steer a more pleasing and satisfying path through life. They are written in the first person as that makes them more available. There are well over 100 so you have plenty of choice.

What gives me a feeling of freedom?

How can I show more courage in my daily life?

What is the biggest dream I still have?

What three goals can I set myself for today?

What do I want to think about differently?

What would I need to believe and do to live closer to my ideal life?

In what ways do I limit my life?

How do I want to make a difference in the world?

How could I double the scope of my goals?

What old habits am I still a slave to?

Do I have the best balance of work and leisure time?

What do I love about my life and how can I have more of that?

Which of my circumstances would I most like to change?

Which relationships do I most want to nurture, which not?

What regular habit would I most like to have in my life?

What can I do today to reduce pain & increase pleasure?

What is my biggest challenge and what are my plans for dealing with it?

What beliefs do I have that are keeping me stuck?

What unfair judgments do I make of myself or others?

In what areas of my life do I need more control?

In what areas of my life do I need less control?

What drains my energy and what action can I take?

What do I need to say 'NO' to more often?

What do I want to change in my environment?

What possessions could I let go of to improve my life?

What could I acquire that would improve my life?

How could I be even better organised?

What am I delaying doing or completing?

What is my greatest asset and how could I use it better?

What would I have to give up to move ahead more quickly?

How can I plan my days, and my life, better?

What has not worked well in my life to date?

What new approaches could I adopt to make today more special?

If I had nothing to do today, what would I do today?

What are my top three problems and what action can I take to start resolving them?

What do I most want today and how can I get it?

When do I feel most powerful in my life?

What fears stop me from moving forward?

What am I least happy about in my life, what can I do about that?

How could I accomplish more than I expect to today?

If I had to have an overriding goal what would it be?

What personal issues are still turning up in my life?

What would be an entirely new approach for today?

What would I do if I had more energy and determination?

Who is a hero to me and what can I learn from them?'

What do I find most difficult to achieve?

What issue do I most want to deal with and put behind me?

What is the most important commitment I can make to myself?

What do I choose not to recognise in myself?

What one small change can I make today that will make a big difference?

What do I believe is impossible that I might be wrong about?

What activity could I delegate or buy in to free up my time?

How could I show more love in my life?

How could I be nicer to others and to myself?

What have I not listened to, in myself and with others?

What three things do I most need to communicate to other people?

What would I like to do for the last time today?

What would happen if I had zero tolerance for my excuses?

What am I doing for my top three health and fitness objectives?

If I believed in a higher power what would I seek guidance about?

What am I tolerating in my main relationship and do I want to change this?

How could I take better care of myself?

What do I still want to learn and how can I go about it?

What am I tolerating in my life generally?

What would I have to believe for life to make sense to me?

In what ways am I still affected by my childhood?

What activities, emotions or beliefs reduce my energy levels?

What activities, emotions or beliefs increase my energy levels?

What, if anything, am I still angry about?

What is my greatest fear and how can I reduce it?

What do I need to release about the past, for my own good?

How can I improve my living and working environment?

On a 1 to 10 scale how much fun am I having in my life at this time?

What is the most fun thing I could do today?

What do I have to give up doing just to have more fun?

Who do I need to spend more time with to have more fun?

What do I need to do today to be fully expressed?

What creates the most stress in my life?

What most causes me to feel overwhelmed?

What needs to be better balanced in my life, how can I move towards that?

What do I want to feel about today when I go to bed tonight?

In what three ways can I use my time more effectively?

How can I strengthen my willpower today?

If I had one month to live would I choose to live like this?

What is the purpose of my life?

What am I grateful for today?

In what ways do I best spend my time?

In what ways do I most waste my time?

What worked for me yesterday and what didn't?

On a scale of 1 to 10, what was the quality of my life yesterday?

What are the best, and worst, aspects of my personality?

What is the biggest step forward I could take today?

What do I consider to be value for money?

What do I consider to be value for time spent?

How can I demonstrate exceptional courage today?

What have I most wasted my life over?

How could I push myself further today?

What is the best way to have fun, right here and right now?

In what ways could I have spent the last 24 hours more effectively?

Where could I reduce/increase pressure on myself?

How can I experience sheer joy today?

How can I experience total triumph today?

What do I want to do next, right now?

What do I want to do that is unusual/exceptional/enjoyable today?

How would I spend today if I had complete freedom and no history?

What do I still want to learn and how can I go about it?

How can I ask for what I want?

How can I make three people smile today?

Who do I want to be a better friend to?

What new friends would I like to make and how can I do that?

What is the one thing I can do today that will make my life better than yesterday?

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