People say thank you

On a regular basis I get 'thank you' emails, either for my writing or for my counselling work.

Here are just a few I've selected, I'm always pleased to hear from people I have helped..

For my writing

Just read your web site David and had to congratulate you, I felt better in minutes reading the stories on there, thank you. A.W.

I landed on your website today - your words were just what I needed. B.

Just read the relationships part of the website and a few other bits and it was great comfort. A.S.

I happened upon it while clumsily looking around, hoping (and needing) to find exactly this, thank you again, I am extremely grateful to you. R.

Truly a refreshing breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale internet. R.C.

Thanks to you and the stories that you have shared I stopped searching and started looking to myself for the answers. J.

I came across your writings by accident one day and was struck with the beauty and clarity of your writings. I find them truly inspirational and recommend your site to many of my clients, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and experience. N.

From just one of many "starfish" on a very big beach, thanks for doing this good work. B.N.

For my counselling

I feel better for writing it down and letting you know how I feel. J.

David, I appreciate your time. All of my family lives out of town, and its nice sometimes to talk to someone who is not biased. F.C.

You have a knack for making me think. D.

Thank you for being someone I could count on during a really rough time in my life. V.T.

Thanks for all your support - you have really helped me out over the last few days when I needed it most. A.V.

I have been able to open up and share things I thought I would have to take to the grave with me, thank you David. K.

You always give me different ways to look at things besides the negative so I will have to keep looking for a more positive outlook. R.

I am so glad I have you to reassure me, to talk to. B.

No matter what kind of day I have had, an email from you always cheers me up, and even gives me hope. L.Y.

You have helped my on my journey to a peaceful mind. N.R.

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