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David MillsThe idea of this website is to make available, without charge, resources which can be of help to people both in their ordinary lives and in times of crisis.

No particular point of view is put forward, indeed it is a strong principle of the author that nothing works for everyone.

There are three ways you can use this site :-

1. You can follow the links on the right hand panel to explore a particular issue.

2. You can make your own choice of items from the pages of questions, stories, ideas and my further writing.

3. You can go to the last section 'Today, you could...' and read the item for today's date.

However you approach it:-

Use the ideas that resonate with you.

Ignore the ones that don't.  

Enjoy the Simon Cowell page, but, like life, don't take it too seriously.

Today, you could...

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